Monday, April 8, 2013

Engagement Photos: What Do They Say About Your Personality?

Getting ready for your engagement photos? Trying to decide what kind of photos to take? Today we highlight some of our past couples and their engagement photos to get your creative wheels going in preparation for your engagement shoot!

When planning your engagement shoot, think about a theme that defines your personalities as a couple. What do you have in common?

What better way to showcase your love to your family and friends than through your engagement photos. Whether a romantic approach or fun and flirty, get inspired!

First up is Samantha and Malik. They collaborated with Concept Photography for a Romantic themed shoot.

Romance is for the bride that wants a traditional wedding. It states you appreciate aesthetics and like the simple and traditional, it is popular for a reason you know!

This picture is so stunning it looks like the cover of a romance novel.

Up next is Pamela and Andrew, who's a professional hockey player. Their style was a little different from our first couple. They teamed up with Rhodes Studios and did a Fun and Flirty styled shoot.

This is one of the cutest engagement photos we've ever seen! When guests look at a fun and flirty photo shoot, they get excited. That means this couple is having fun, loving life and guests know the wedding will be just as fun as the pictures!

Just because you do a fun and flirty shoot doesn't mean you can't sneak some romance in there. This photo, while fun and flirty, is romantic as well. 

What's on your mind for your engagement shoot? We want to hear from you! What location encompasses your personalities as a couple? Share!

Congratulations again to Samantha & Malik and Pamela & Andrew! We had so much fun coordinating your weddings!

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